Website accessibility

mhs homes will aim to ensure that no person receives less favourable treatment from the organisation, this includes accessing information on our website.

For information on accessability and how you can modify your computer to meet your personal needs, mhs homes suggest that you visit the BBC web page at for excellent advice and guidance.

Language Translation


Website Screen Readers

For customers who require web pages to be read aloud, mhs homes suggest using the Browsealoud program which is free to download. Following simple instructions, Browsealoud allows you to control the voice that is used and it highlights the words as it reads them. To download Browsealoud, visit their website at


mhs homes cannot be held responsible for the translation of their web pages by any external company or for the use of any technology downloaded from external websites. Where additional support is required you can either visit mhs express or get in touch by using the details on the Contact Us page.