Customer Annual Report 2021-22

About this report

Thank you for taking the time to read our Annual Report for 2021-22.

This report is for you, our customers, so we can share some of the highlights of the past year and provide you with an update on some of our key projects aimed at improving our services to you. It also sets out our progress against our Strategic Plan 2021-24 and explains how we’ve spent our income.

We work hard to provide great services to both mhs homes and Heart of Medway Housing Association (HoM) customers. We know we don’t always get it right, and where our performance isn’t at the level we want it to be or that you deserve, we can assure you that we’re taking action to improve it.

We’re committed to listening to and working with our customers to make sure that we’re offering you the best possible service. This year, we’ve created more opportunities for our customers to be involved in designing our services and influencing our decisions.

As you go through this report, you’ll see the performance of both mhs homes and Heart of Medway Housing Association (HoM). Both companies are part of mhs homes group who provide centralised services, such as the contact centre and property maintenance. This means, some of the performance figures we report on will be at group level only.

What we looked like in 2021-22

mhs homes Heart of Medway
No. of homes we own or manage 8,614 862
No. of customers living in our homes 19,761 2,139
Our average household size 2.3 people 2.2 people
The average age of our customers (main tenants only) 51 41
The average tenancy length 11 years 4 years

This year has seen us recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, including completing the backlog of repairs and supporting customers with their rent arrears.

Our teams have worked hard to return our services to normal, whilst continuing to make improvements so our customers receive the best experience when dealing with us.

As we reflect on the last year for both mhs homes and Heart of Medway (HoM), there’s much for us to be proud of, as well as areas of focus to improve. As you go through this report, we’ve highlighted the areas we know we need to improve, and where possible, said what action we’re taking.

One action we have taken is to create a Customer Experience Group (CEG). This group gives customers the opportunity to shape, influence and improve the services we provide so they meet customers' needs and expectations.

Another new area where we’ve made improvements, is around our sustainability and impact on the environment. Our journey to net zero carbon, means over 65% of mhs homes properties and over 90% of HoM properties are already rated at EPC “C”. Our commitment to the green agenda is wider than our properties, and we’ve begun introducing electrical vehicles too.

We know areas like complaints, our response times, empty homes and dealing with rent arrears remain above our desired performance targets. These are essential services which we have to get right. We’ll continue to focus on improving these to make sure you receive the best possible service.

We continue to monitor the rise in inflation and the impact on our customers. As a landlord with a strong social purpose, we’ve made decisions which allow us to build new homes, improve our existing ones, but keep rents affordable for our customers. We know the importance of a decent home, and this drives our decisions.

Thank you to our customers, partners, and colleagues for all that has been achieved over this last year.

Nigel Hopkins and Lord Roy Kennedy 

It has been a successful and rewarding year for the Customer Scrutiny Panel (CSP) as we continue to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. We've seen new panel members recruited and have been fully embedded and trained to deliver effective independent scrutiny with mhs homes group.

During the year, we've welcomed the opportunity to be involved with a number of activities by providing valued customer insight and assisting with identifying potential service improvements from a customer perspective.

We’ve successfully delivered two reviews during 2021-2022 which covered all estate service and tenancy support activities from an operational and management perspective. The reviews highlighted both challenges and opportunities to improve the experience for residents. Both reviews have positively contributed to an increase of service improvements.

June Patey, Chair of the Customer Scrutiny Panel said "Being an integral part of the mhs governance structure reinforces the important role of scrutiny and working with the business to ensure that residents are at the heart of decision making. The CSP ensure that residents have a real voice by allowing us to share customer insight, removing barriers and promoting joint working between decision makers, those delivering services and residents.”

You can learn more about the CSP and read their reviews here.

Performance areas

We've broken our performance into key areas to help you find what you're looking for. Click on a section below to explore our performance relating to that service area.

Where our money came from

Our annual turnover for 2021-22 was £60,186,000 across mhs homes group.

This is a breakdown of:
- £54,296,000 for mhs homes
- £5,890,000 for Heart of Medway

The money we receive is all reinvested back into providing safe and sustainable homes and improving our services and communities.

Source of income mhs homes Heart of Medway How every £1 was spent mhs homes Heart of Medway
Social housing rent £46,209,000 £3,878,000 Paying off interest on loans 19p 3p
Shared ownership rent £1,326,000 £1,072,000 Investing in new homes 25p 31p
Other income £1,578,000 £418,000 Covering service charge costs 4p 9p
Property sales £1,985,000 £401,000 Managing our homes 23p 16p
Market rent £3,200,000 £120,000 Repairing and improving our existing homes 29p 41p

Feedback and other versions

We hope this report has been useful in understanding how we’re performing as your landlord. If you have any feedback or comments on how we can improve our annual report, including if there’s any other information you’d like to see, let us know by completing this short form.

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