mhs homes group provides these services for both mhs home and Heart of Medway customers. In this section we’ll report on the overall performance of the group, specific to how customers have contacted us and how we responded.  

Customer contact

mhs homes group
No. of calls received 71,620
Average call wait time 8 mins
Percentage of calls abandoned 35%
No. of Live Chat messages received 1,655
Average Live Chat satisfaction rate 91%

About the complaints we received

When we don’t get something right, we want to know about it so we’re able to improve. We have a simple complaints process and this is how we’ve performed against it.

mhs homes Heart of Medway
No. of complaints received 552 64
The average no. of working days to resolve a complaint 10 8
Percentage of complaints resolved within seven working days 64% 64%
Percentage of complaints upheld 54% 54%

Nature of complaints and what we’ve done as a result

We’re always looking at what our complaints are about to see if there are any trends. We’ve identified four key trends over the year.

  • Incorrect service charges
    • We have colleagues working to review our service charge process so it's more accurate and clearer for customers.
  • Poor performance from Liberty Gas
    • We’ve now agreed service standards for how Liberty Gas deal with complaints as part of their contract with us.
  • The quality of our repairs and major works, as well as the standard of our empty homes
    • We’re working on reducing the delays to repairs work, the time in which it takes to complete repairs and the quality of works overall.
  • Handling of anti-social behaviour cases 
    • Our Team Leaders have reviewed identified cases and made sure all necessary steps have been carried out to handling ASB according our policies and procedures.