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Customer satisfaction survey results

1,712 customers completed a customer satisfaction survey and here’s the feedback we received.

mhs homes Heart of Medway
Satisfied with the overall service we provide 62% 80%
Satisfied that their rent provides value for money 78% 82%
Satisfied we provide a safe and secure home 74% 83%
Satisfied we’re easy to deal with 63% 80%
Satisfied with the quality of their home 66% 85%
Satisfied with our repairs service 57% 69%
Satisfied with communal areas and upkeep of the grounds 59% 72%
Satisfied with how we handle reports of ASB 45% 56%
Satisfied with how we handled their complaint 45% 53%
Satisfied their views are taken into account and we act upon them 55% 74%
Satisfied with our online service 61% 86%