The information here tells you how we’ve performed managing our services linked to your tenancy with us.

Tenancy targets

mhs homes Heart of Medway
The average no. of calendar days taken to turnaround our empty homes 37.4 days 22.8 days
Amount of income lost from empty homes £553,155.56 £54,772.42
No. of Home Plan Visits completed 919 16
Percentage of gross rent arrears 3.8% 5.21%

We understand that many of our customers will need support from time to time. We’re here and ready to help. If you need support paying your rent or other essential bills, get in touch so we can help.

Helping the homeless

The government reported that in Kent, the estimated total of rough sleepers is 70. This is down by 31 (30.7%) from autumn 2020 when it was reported that there were 101 rough sleepers in Kent.

As a leading housing charity, we have a responsibility to use our resources effectively to tackle the housing crisis, help those in housing need and provide safe and sustainable homes. Each year we work with local agencies to make sure we're supporting the homeless.

During 2021-22, 29% of all group homes allocated through Homechoice went to homeless households. This is a total of 30% of mhs homes homes and 18% of Heart of Medway homes. 

Managing your tenancy online

My Account is your online portal for managing many of your tenancy services.

mhs homes Heart of Medway
Percentage of households registered with My Account 65% 79%
No. of new sign ups within the year 421 82
Percentage of active users 61% 57%

Get involved and shape our services

In June 2021, we launched the Customer Experience Group (CEG).

The CEG is made up of customers and provides a way for you to get involved in shaping, influencing and improving our services. The Group provides input and feedback about changes we’re thinking of making, attends focus groups, completes surveys and even takes part in procurement process for appointing new contractors.

So far, they’ve been involved in:

  • Choosing a new gas supplier
  • Shaping and agreeing our new Service Standards, including our Estates Service Standards
  • Recommending changes to this Annual Report for customers, which you’re reading now
  • Our new process for reporting and managing damp and mould
  • Interviewing companies who want to do work for us

There are multiple ways you can get involved and have your say in the way we provide services to you. See the opportunities here.