We're officially a charity

The conversion to charitable status is one of the most important steps in our 28 year history.

It also provides an opportunity to restate our purpose as a social housing provider – to meet local housing need. This purpose is highlighted by our call to action: Because everyone needs a decent home.

Why we changed

There are some significant benefits for us and our customers by being a charity:

  • It’s a more accurate portrayal of who we are and what we do (most large social housing associations are already operating as charities because of the nature of the work they do).
  • Financial benefits including the ability to qualify for grants and donations.


As a registered charity, does that mean mhs will start to make a profit?

We’re still a not for profit organisation just like before.

Does this change affect my rights to claim benefits?

No. You can still claim benefits.

Does it change what you do?

There’s no change to our services.

Does it mean a change of name?

No. We’re still mhs homes.

Does it change my rights?

Becoming a charity doesn’t affect any of your rights under your tenancy agreement or lease, and any statutory rights that you may have, such as the preserved right to buy or right to acquire. Leaseholders retain the statutory right to claim an extension to their leases or to collectively purchase the freehold to their building.