“Coming here was definitely the right choice – and we’ve found love too”

The dress has been chosen, the venue is booked – all that’s left is to say “I do”. And newly engaged Ann and Chris are thanking us for introducing them.

They met a year and a half ago at a New Year’s Eve party at one of our supported housing schemes in Strood.

Sixty-four-year-old Chris shares the story: “I was sitting here with another resident and I said I’m going to ask Ann for a dance, he said ‘no, you won’t get her up to dance’. Eventually she agreed and that was that, we’ve been together ever since”.

Neither Chris nor Ann were supposed to be at the party that evening, but they believe fate bought them together.

"You hear stories about love at first sight, and that you feel something there. I used to think that doesn’t really happen but it did with Ann, something just clicked. We’ve never looked back, we just get on so well and just love being with one another."

Chris, resident

The smitten pair got engaged on 24 April.

“It was really lovely, unexpected. We'd spoken about it but hadn’t set a date, so I was very surprised”, remembers 67-year-old Ann.

Their wedding will take place this winter, almost two years to the day of that first romantic meet.

Ann, who used to work in community care, moved into the scheme five years ago when she realised that her three-bedroom home was far too big for just one person.

She’d seen Chris in passing but had never actually spoken to him. 

"We’d never have met if it weren’t for mhs, our paths would never have crossed."

Ann, resident

Chris, who used to work for the Royal Navy, continued “When you get in your 60s you think ‘oh I’m too old for this sort of thing’. But this is almost like starting again for me, I’m getting those feelings I did when I was younger and it’s really nice. It makes me feel alive again”.

Thanks to the support at the scheme the couple are overjoyed with the lives they’re now able to lead. They have better social lives, are part of an active community and have found love - the one thing they never thought they’d do.

“The support here is really good. There’s a proper community spirit here, we all look out for one another which is really good and even if you come over here and maybe on your own, you don’t have to be on your own”, Chris said.

“Coming here was definitely the right choice for both of us, we’d never look back”, added Ann.

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