Helping our residents prepare for working life

Daniella moved into her mhs home in Chatham earlier this year. She then got in touch with our Community Investment Manager, Ian, to ask about work experience and has just completed two weeks with us.

Having been unemployed for three years Daniella wasn’t sure where to start to get back into work but she feels this has been an invaluable experience.

"My time with mhs has been absolutely brilliant. I’ve missed getting up with a purpose and feeling like a valued member of society – it’s been a long time since I’ve had that feeling.

"I’d love to work here, I think mhs is amazing. I’ve signed up to get the news updates on vacancies. I’m going to try and volunteer here till I get a job because I’ve already learnt so much".

Daniella, resident

She’s spent time with our Asset Management, Tenancy Support, and Communications Teams, learning about us and how we’re striving to help end the housing crisis in north Kent.

She’s now hoping to get a customer-focused job somewhere where she’s able to help people who’re going through tough times.

 Daniella spent two weeks with us, shadowing various teams

 Daniella also volunteers at the British Heart Foundation, in Chatham.

"Since I’ve been on benefits I haven’t been making an impact on society and I want to be able to do that again. Even though I try to do what I can to keep busy I can’t wait to get back to work.

"This experience has been wonderful. It’s everything I needed to get the confidence back that I needed and to have a bit more faith in myself."

Daniella, resident

Daniella moved into her one-bedroom flat in Chatham in January this year.

Speaking of her home and the stability it’s given her she said: “I finally feel at peace and like I can lay my roots somewhere, which I’ve been searching for, for so long”.

"It's been a pleasure having Daniella with us. Her determination to beter herself, learn new skills and change her life for the better is really inspiring. It's great she's had such an insightful time with us. I'd like to wish her every success for the future."

Ian Long, Tenancy Support Manager

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