"I leapt at the chance of a shared ownership home in Rainham”

"We made it, was my first thought. Eight years ago I lost everything. My health, partner, career, savings and own home. My son and I had to start over on our own”, said 42-year-old James, who’s just moved into his shared ownership home in Rainham.

James and his son, Connor had moved five times in the past eight years, between private rented homes. But the stability they’re getting now, in their new shared ownership home, is a very welcome relief for James.

“To have my boy happy, a career, savings, good car and now finally our own home again was like crossing the finish line after a long uphill marathon”, he said.

“The best thing is knowing I'm leaving something for my son. I'm investing in our own home. We're no longer throwing all of our money away paying for a private landlord’s mortgage”.

We've provided 34 homes at The Lamberts in Rainham.

James saved for eight years to be able to afford his new home, working two jobs for most of that time. Though it was tough, he knew he’d have never been able to get onto the property ladder without shared ownership.

"If it weren’t for shared ownership we’d have been forever trapped in rented accommodation. When I found out about the scheme and the homes available in Rainham I leapt at the chance." James, shared ownership tenant

If you can't afford to buy in one go, shared ownership lets you buy a share of your home and pay rent on the rest. You’ve got the option to buy more shares later on, when you can afford to.

“I knew it was going to take effort but it was the only way to get on the ladder. My family and friends are over the moon for us”.

James and Connor’s new two bedroom home is in Rainham at The Lamberts. A development of 34 affordable homes; 18 two bedroom flats for affordable rent and 16 three and four bedroom homes available for purchase under shared ownership (part buy, part rent). It’s part of the larger development by Redrow Homes.

Each of the shared ownership homes at The Lamberts has been designed for a modern lifestyle, and comes with a range of low maintenance, contemporary fixtures and fittings.

“Shared ownership really can change people’s lives. James’ experiences are testament of the need for us and housing associations alike, to provide a range of housing options; that are genuinely affordable, and prove to be places customers are proud to live in and call home." Sarah Paxton, Assistant Director of Development and Regeneration

The homes are just off Mierscourt Road in Rainham and are a short walk from the town centre. The development is close to the M2 and A2 and Rainham train station, with 50 minute connections to London.

"I love that everything is brand new so no renovations! I've recommended shared ownership to friends as they are in the same rut as I was, paying ever increasing, huge monthly rents to landlords who didn't care. With shared ownership you get back onto the ladder and gain some control over your life again." James

If you’re interested in one of our new build homes available through shared ownership click here. There’s information about the other types of homes we’re providing too.