Determined foyer resident ready for next step

Pippa, a foyer resident who had a troubled upbringing, is now hoping to take the next step in adult life and move into her own home.

She moved into Endeavour Foyer in Chatham in June 2017, after experiencing difficulties at home. But the next step in her journey will be to find her feet in her own home - a feeling she’s waited a long time for.

Shortly after she first moved in she was recognised as ‘Resident of the Month’ for her selflessness and hard work, after donating blood, volunteering for a charity and trying to help the homeless where she could.

And she’s just received the award again, for the way that she’s turned things around for herself.

The 20-year-old will be able to start bidding for a home on Kent Homechoice from mid-March and is hoping to move into a flat in Chatham, with mhs homes.

On average a foyer resident will spend 18 months with us, and a large number of them will go on to live in one of our homes, like Pippa’s hoping to.

Some of the other young people at Endeavour Foyer are due to move out this year as well. “It’ll be nice to check in with them and support each other, as they’re moving out around the same sort of time as me”, said Pippa.

She feels completely ready for independent life, thanks to the support she’s received and lessons she’s learnt whilst at Endeavour Foyer. It’s also thanks to her hard work to better herself and transform her life.

Recently Pippa, a keen rock fan, was asked to look after a relative’s house when a family member was taken unwell. She feels this was the perfect test to help her know she’s ready to live on her own: “From that experience I know I’m able to live by myself and live comfortably.

“I’d have never been able to say that when I first came into the foyer, definitely not”, she added.


"I’m really proud of Pippa; she has really grown as a person during her time here and has proven herself to be a very capable young woman. That’s what our two foyers are all about – giving young people a place to live, and empowering them with the guidance and structure they need to thrive independently."

Mark Musumeci, Pippa’s Support Officer

As well as feeling ready for a life away from the foyers, Pippa’s hoping to be employed at the British Heart Foundation, where she’s volunteered for the past four years.

She’s also been working on her relationship with her family and says her time at the foyer has allowed her to explore her relationship with her mum and brothers.


Endeavour foyer in Chatham provides housing for 27 young people

"This place allows you to have space away from a difficult situation. You’re suddenly not with family 24/7 and that allows you to spend quality time with them, rather than blocking yourself away. You can build a bigger bond with them. That’s what really helped me with my relationship with my mum and brothers".

Pippa, foyer resident

More than 700 young people have been supported in one of our two foyers since they both first opened. Thirty-six homes are provided in total; 27 at Endeavour and nine at Springboard. They're both staffed on a 24-hour basis, with additional concierge cover at night and weekends.

Each young person gets a support pack and are key worked by a designated staff member. As part of that support they have weekly meetings to assess their progress, set structured targets, and are coached towards independent living.

But the support doesn’t stop when a resident leaves us. After a resident moves on we offer six weeks of floating support, to help them as they transition into their new home. Former residents are always welcome at the foyer and the door is always open to them should they need additional support whilst they’re finding their feet with their new independent living.

The support Pippa received played a big part in helping her feel confident and ready for life away from the foyers.

"I have meetings with my support officer, which at first felt quite strange but the staff here are really supportive and now I really trust them. If someone else was in my situation where they really needed help, and was considering the foyers I’d say ‘go for it".

Pippa, foyer resident