An update on COVID-19 from Chief Executive, Ashley Hook

Since my last update in March, a lot has changed. We’re all having to change our daily lives and create a new normal.

mhs homes is no different.

Our colleagues have been working very hard to make sure we’re still able to offer essential services to customers. Our priority has been making sure the most vulnerable in our communities are supported, whilst continuing to keep our homes safe.

With the government’s announcement that the lockdown restrictions will continue for another three weeks (until 7 May), I wanted to update you on what’s happening to our services.

The proactive measures we’ve already put in place are still there but may continue to cause some disruption to our normal services. Please be patient with us as we work through this challenging period.

As well as these proactive measures, we’ve also had to make changes to other services which we’d like to make you aware of.

  • Maintenance of our estates – This work is focused on priority tasks, and grass cutting services are on a reduced schedule. Our priority is to keep our communal areas clean and tidy, disinfecting key touch points, and to putting the bins out for collection.
  • Communal areas – We’ve temporarily closed all communal areas in our supported living schemes. This is to protect customers and reduce the risk of potentially spreading the virus.
  • Buying a home – You can still buy a home from us by making contact in the normal way. If you’re in the process of buying a home from us, this is continuing but there’s likely to be a delay if the development isn’t yet complete – we’ll keep you updated if this is the case.
  • Renting a home – This is still happening, and you can get in touch in the normal way. We’ve had to make some alterations to how we rent our homes.

Read the latest on changes to our services.

Our teams are working extremely hard to make sure many of our services continue and that our vulnerable customers are supported. I hope you understand the changes we’ve had to make, and I ask that you continue to be respectful to our colleagues who’re doing all they can.

Please be a good neighbour

We now know we’ll all be staying home for another three weeks. I’d like to ask you to continue being respectful and considerate to your neighbours.

Monitor your noise levels, consider the impact of your actions on others who might be working from home, working shifts, or have young children. You must not have bonfires at your home.

Remember to check on any vulnerable neighbours (or let us know if you have concerns) but always follow the social distancing guidance.

We take all reports of anti-social behaviour very seriously. We don’t get involved in petty disputes, but if you’re having an issue with a neighbour and need some advice, please get in touch.

If any of our customers are allowing their home to be used for social gatherings in breach of the Government’s rules, you should let us know. In such circumstances, we will take firm action.

If you need help

If you don’t have a support network around you that you can rely on, please let us know by emailing Where possible, we’ll try to help or put you in contact with another organisation that can.

We understand that the current situation may be causing financial difficulties. If you have any difficulties paying your rent it's essential that you contact us immediately. We’ll help make sure you’re getting access to all financial assistance and benefits to which you might be entitled.

If you’re displaying coronavirus symptoms and we’ve recently visited; or if we’re due to visit you and you have symptoms or a diagnosis of coronavirus, you should let us know straight away.

Please email, use Live Chat on social media to contact us about non-urgent enquiries.

We thank you again for your patience and cooperation during these unprecedented times. We’re all in this together so please help us to help you by following the government guidance and working with us. 

Stay safe. Stay well. Social distance at all times.

Best wishes,

Ashley Hook, Chief Executive

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