What’s an Estate Champion?

You’ll love where you live and be the eyes and ears for your block or the area you live, and the local mhs customer community.

Working closely with our Estates Services Team you’ll build community partnerships and be a valued voice for our customers, helping us work together to improve where you live.

One of the priorities of our Strategic Plan 2021-24 is to 'Focus on the customer’s voice and community leadership' engaging with what is most important to our customers and communities.

As an Estate Champion you'll get involved in:

  • A walkabout of your estate with us once a year to look at any communal areas, the outside of your block, and the surrounding area where you live
  • Letting us know what we're doing right and where we need to improve
  • Building relationships with our Estates Service Team including managers and caretakers, also the local mhs customer community
  • Being proactive in communicating issues to us and provide insight so we can tackle them before they escalate
  • Be our eyes and ears to make sure communal or estate repairs are reported to us on a regular basis
  • Using your local knowledge to give us a good picture of any specific issues in your area and provide ideas and a collaborative approach to how we can solve them
  • Helping us to be more accessible to our customers and communicate any improvements to them

This role will focus on getting feedback from you to improve the building, street and surrounding local area where you live. It won't involve talking about specific repairs to your home or other customers' homes.

We will:

  • Actively listen to you
  • Arrange yearly walkabouts of your estate with you, any other Estate Champions from your estate, and other customers. We'll note what you think we’re doing right and where you’d like to see improvements
  • Provide training, materials and resources where we need to
  • Provide the right people to meet and be in contact with. This'll usually be our one of our Estates Services Managers, but it could be someone such as your caretaker too
  • Keep you posted on any planned improvements to where you live as a result of your feedback

Interested in being an Estate Champion?

If you're interested in volunteering to help us improve the area where you live and can commit about an hour a month then we'd love to hear from you.

We're aiming to have at least one Estate Champion on each of our estates. It doesn't matter if you live in a block, house, or bungalow or whether you're a social and affordable rent customer, a shared owner or privately renting from us, everyone's welcome to apply.

Here's how to apply

The easiest way to get involved is to fill in our Estate Champion application form.

Alternatively you can email our Estates Services Team and include:

  • Your name
  • Street, block or building name
  • Your phone number

And one of our Estates Team will be in touch. You can also drop us a message if you'd like to find out more too. 

We look forward to welcoming you on board as an Estate Champion.