By putting yourself in the shoes of a homeless person and spending the night in a shelter you’ve had to build, you’ll get a small insight into what it’s like for those who have no choice but to sleep rough every night of the week.

We’ll be doing just that on Saturday 29 January in our head office car park to raise money for Gillingham Street Angels - a local charity helping homeless, and vulnerable people in need, of all ages in the Medway towns.

We can’t guarantee it’ll be your most comfortable night’s sleep, but it will be one of the most meaningful.

Give up the luxury of your bed for just one night and join us

You can choose to experience the sleep out in any way you want, whether that’s to build shelters from old bits of cardboard and other materials we can find, or to not use anything at all.

We’ll have speakers from Gillingham Street Angels so you can learn first-hand about the amazing work they do and why what we’re doing is so important.

Friends, family and well-behaved dogs are welcome to take part, so encourage them to join you.

If you want to know more before signing up, please email

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Can’t join us?

You can make a financial donation or give us any large cardboard boxes, bubble wrap or sheeting which we can use to build shelters.

Gillingham Street Angels are always looking for items they can use and give out to those in need. As well as sleeping out, we're going to be collecting tinned food, clothing, sleeping bags, hats, scarves, socks or anything else people want to donate. 

If you’d like to make a donation, please let our Communications Team know by emailing It all helps.