Homeowner administration fees

We charge administration fees for some of the most common services to homeowners. There may be additional charges that you’ll need to pay to other providers.

Request type What this includes
Solicitors enquiry or requests for a pre-sale pack
Providing information about service charges and ground rent.

Copy of buildings insurance and other building related documents.

Information about any Section 20 consultation.
Notice of transfer and charge
We’ll set up a new account and send a welcome pack to the new owner.
Deed of variation / rectification
Get a copy of the lease and send the draft Deed of Variation to Lessee’s solicitors and inform them of our fee for preparing the Deed.

Confirm agreement to the variation, and receive back copies signed by the Lessee.

Sign and date the Deed and send to the Lessee’s solicitors to register at the Land Registry.
(homeowners only)
We’ll update our records with the new sub-tenant details.
Shared Ownership - Staircasing
The fee includes: preparing the instructions to proceed, calculating equity share premium and new rent, drafting a Memorandum of Staircasing and arranging for signatures by both parties.

On completion of outright sale, we’ll arrange for the transfer of the property to be registered at the Land Registry.

You’ll also need to pay solicitor and agent’s fees.
Service Charge Administration and Management Fees
£50 Standard fee + 10% of costs
£50 standard administration charge (Fixed Rate Administration Charge). This covers the cost of the yearly administration and distribution of service charge estimates and statements.

The additional 10% of costs (Variable Management Fee based on the level of activity / costs) is payable by the individual leaseholder as a management fee.

This covers the cost of contracts management and the administration of Section 20 notices.
Permission to carry out basic works
Consideration of plans for basic works, grant of permission
Permission to carry out complex works
Consideration of plans for complex works, grant of permission
Improvement works survey
£150 per visit
A surveyor will inspect your premises prior to us granting permission, or will inspect works once completed.
Completed works survey
A surveyor will inspect your premises after you've completed work so that we can grant retrospective permission