Here's where you can find out about our private rent homes.

This is where we find homes for people who can’t afford or don’t want to buy a home but who have a higher income.

Our private rent service is run by our Living team. They’re a friendly bunch who will try their very best to find you a place to live that feels like home. They can help if you'd like to rent a garage too.

You can find out more about living in our private rent homes below.

Looking for a social rent home? This is where we find homes for people referred to us by local councils who are often on low incomes, including benefits. You'll need to head over to our bid on a property page and bid on one of our homes through Kent Homechoice.

Your questions answered


We can give you more support than many private landlords. Our customers normally can rely on longer, more secure, tenancies through us. And we have our own large maintenance and repairs team to call on.


If you like the look of a home you’ve already been to see, speak to a member of the lettings team on 01634 565333.

  • The deposit is normally the same as 1½ month’s rent on the place you want to rent. But this may change
  • All deposits are registered with the tenancy deposit scheme so no one will take anything unfairly
  • You need to pay an admin fee to reserve a home. This is normally £195 (for one application) and £240 for a couple
  • This pays for things, such as getting references, checking the home is ready for you to move into and doing all the paperwork
  • There are no other admin charges once you’ve moved in.
  • We don’t charge extra for reviews or checks if you move out
  • If you're moving out of one of our homes and would like a landlord reference from us this costs £48

• You’ll need to repair anything you damage. And we recommend you have contents insurance too
• We’ll look after the rest of the repairs. This includes an annual gas safety check (although you’ll need to let us in to do it)
• The gas and electrics will be checked and given safety certificates before you move in
• You’ll have contact numbers from our repairs teams and contractors. This includes an emergency number for hot water and heating problems

  • If you want to move, you’ll need to give us two full months’ notice
  • This will only start on the 1st of the month
  • So, for example, if you tell us on 23 June that you plan to move, the two months’ notice will start on 1 July and finish at the end of August
  • You’ll have to pay rent to cover all this time
  • If you want to leave, you need to fill in this form
  • If you're moving out of one of our homes and would like a landlord reference from us this costs £48



• Before you move out, you need to have the home professionally cleaned, and this includes the oven
• If you’ve got the receipts for this – and there’s no other problems - we’ll refund your whole deposit


Here are all the homes that are empty right now or almost ready to be rented out.

Contact us if you’d like to know more on live chat.