We rent out garages for a lot of different reasons. This includes for your car or bikes or if you need a little extra storage space.

Here's the run down

  • They cost from £44.41 per month to rent

  • The rent has to be paid one month in advance

  • You need to pay a £100 deposit when you start renting the garage. And you'll need to pay the month's rent in advance too at this time

  • You're responsible for everything that's kept inside the garage

  • Garage's aren't normally as secure as homes. So you'll need to think carefully about what you keep there. You might need to get it insured or check your house contents insurance covers the things you keep in the garage

  • Garages can be rented for the short term, for just a few weeks, or for the long term.

Get in touch if you'd like to rent a garage or if you'd like to know more.

Storage and contents insurance

We can’t guarantee that garages are waterproof so always take out your own contents insurance to cover anything kept in the garage.


Want to terminate your garage tenancy?

To terminate your tenancy, please complete our garage tenancy termination form. You will need to return your keys to our Broadside office.