Rent a garage

There's lots of different reasons as to why you might want to rent a garage and here's the run down on how you can rent one with us:

  • The current cost to rent one of our garages is £44.41 per month. We review the rent on our garages every year, this means it may go up, we’ll let you know if this is going to happen

  • Before you start renting the garage you'll need to pay a £100 deposit and one month's rent in advance

  • Garages aren't normally as secure as homes. We recommend they are used to store vehicles, non-flammable items and non-valuable tools and not used as general storage space
  • You might need to get it insured or check your home contents insurance covers what you keep in the garage

  • You're responsible for everything that's kept inside the garage
  • Renting a garage with us is flexible around your needs. You can rent for just a few weeks, or for the long term

If you have any further questions about renting a garage with us then please contact us.

Storage and contents insurance

We can’t guarantee that our garages are waterproof so we recommend that you take out your own contents insurance to cover anything kept in the garage.

Apply for a garage

To rent a garage please fill in our application form. You can view all of our garage sites here. Make a note of the street and add it to the form. If there aren't any garages currently available to rent we'll add you to a waiting list.

Garage application form >

Want to terminate your garage tenancy?

To terminate your tenancy please complete the form below. You'll also need to return your keys to our Broadside office.

Garage termination form >