We want you to remain independent in your own home for as long as possible and to enjoy a good quality of life. We can provide qualifying customers with equipment, aids or adaptations to help.

Finding out if you qualify

Our service is available to all customers who require help to get around their home, due to a disability or age. Please contact us to undertake a referral.

With your permission, we can also speak to a relative, neighbour, support worker, or qualified medical practitioner to undertake a referral on your behalf.

What happens next?

After you have contacted us we will tell you if we are able to help and what timescales are involved. We aim to arrange a home visit to you within 10 working days. Your referral will be classed as either a minor adaptation or a major adaptation.

Minor adaptations

We will arrange and pay for items such as grab rails or hand rails, lever taps or minor ramps. We will let you know within 20 working days from the initial home visit whether we will complete the minor adaptation.

Major adaptations

Work costing more than £1,500 is classed as a major adaptation. These cases will be referred to your local council for an occupational therapy assessment and a possible Disabled Facilities Grant.

Examples of major adaptations are stair lifts, walk-in showers, kitchen modifications and installations of hoists.

When we may consider funding your adaption

We will always consider discretional circumstances and each case will be dealt with individually. We may consider funding your major adaptation if:

• The Disabled Facilities Grant is not approved or partly approved by your local council or if there is a delay in the time taken to obtain grant
• You provide us with sufficient evidence of your need

Adaptions can’t always be made

Some properties aren't suitable for adaptation and the best solution could be for you to move. If so, you will be placed on our social priority list and if a suitable property is found within our stock we will aim to give you priority. 

Kent Home Choice will also give higher priority to those in medical need of a house move, on the understanding evidence is provided.

Contact us if you think you need help getting around your home.