Report any problems with your gas or boiler to Liberty Gas on 0330 3338 397.

Gas leaks

Report gas leaks immediately to the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.


Annual gas servicing

We are legally obliged to check your gas appliances each year. We automatically arrange for our gas contractor Liberty Gas to book an appointment with you six weeks before your gas safety certificate expires. 

You must let Liberty Gas into your home to carry this out. The check only takes about an hour. 

When the annual safety check is carried out, if any of your own appliances are found to be unsafe or faulty they will have to be disconnected by law.

Gas appliances that are not working correctly can produce poisonous fumes, and around 50 deaths a year can be directly attributed to faulty gas appliances. For more information, see Gas Safe’s website.


Boiler breakdowns

If your gas central heating boiler breaks down with the total loss of heating or hot water, Liberty Gas should attend within:

  • 24 hours under normal circumstances
  • four hours if you are a vulnerable or elderly person

They will either repair the problem straight away or will arrange another appointment to fit the parts needed to fix the issue.


Urgent threats

If you can smell gas or a carbon monoxide alarm is ringing, immediately call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

An urgent repair is needed when there is a serious threat to you or the property, for example, there might be:

  • a major water leak
  • a gas leak
  • a carbon monoxide alarm ringing

When you report an urgent threat, an isolation or repair will be carried out within two hours of your call.


Time to repair

Repair issue Carried out within three working days Carried out within seven working days
Partial loss of heating or hot water  
Instruction on use of the system  
Overflow pipe dripping  
Noisy system  
Minor water leaks  
Water storage tanks  
Faulty hot water controls  
Refitting a radiator  
Resetting of controls  
Replacement of any non essential part