Your Community

We take the safety of customers and the communities they live in very seriously. Most of the time they’re safe places to call home.

However, sometimes unwanted behaviour happens that disrupts you or your community.

We will deal with issues but won’t get involved in petty disputes. We want you to enjoy your home, get on with your neighbours and take pride in the community you live in.

Act Now

Emergency – Call 999 immediately if a crime is in progress, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, when there’s danger to life, or when violence is being used or threatened.

Non emergency – Call 101 to report non-urgent or suspected crimes such as property damage, suspected drug use or dealing, you have information on a crime, or you have a general enquiry about crimes in your community. You can also report non-urgent crimes on the Kent Police website.

Ask The Police – Search online for common questions about crime. The police have answered the questions for you with tips and advice on how you can report it.

What isn’t anti social behaviour?

Your neighbours and other people in your community all live differently. Sometimes you may find their behaviour disruptive. This is not always anti social.

It’s important to be aware that the people in your community may just be going about their everyday lives.

Think: Have you ever been noisy to celebrate a birthday or special occasion? Had a BBQ whilst a neighbour’s washing was out? Has your dog barked late at night because it was scared?

The examples above and below may sometimes be inconvenient but are not automatically anti social behaviour:

  • Children playing
  • Poor condition of property/garden
  • Car parking
  • Babies crying
  • People gossiping in the street
  • Disputes on social media
  • Dirty looks or rude gestures
  • General household living noise at reasonable times
  • DIY at reasonable times
  • Cooking odours
  • Smoking in own homes
  • One-off parties
  • Roaming dogs
  • Barking dogs (for short period of times)
  • Dog fouling
  • Cats in gardens
  • Life-style clash
  • Bonfires

If any of these become regular, make you worry about your safety, the safety of someone else or the safety of your community then it may be worth letting us know.

What can be anti social behaviour?

Anti social behaviour comes in all sorts of ways, which could include:

  • Verbal abuse/harassment/threats
  • Hate related (harassment based on race, gender, disability status, religion, age or sexual orientation)
  • Vandalism/damage to property
  • Pets/animal nuisance
  • Nuisance from vehicles
  • Drugs/substance misuse/drug dealing
  • Alcohol related
  • Domestic violence/abuse
  • Physical violence
  • Litter/rubbish/fly tipping
  • Misuse of communal areas/public spaces/loitering
  • Prostitution/sexual acts/kerb crawling

Have you experienced, witnessed, or have concerns in your community about any of these behaviours?

Please let us know so we can help you to try and put a stop to it. Take a look below at how you can help us when you report it.

What you can do to help?

Before you report anti social behaviour to us you may be able to resolve the issue yourself. If you can’t we’ll ask you to help us investigate it by gathering evidence to report it, if you need help with this then we can help.

Have a chat with them. This can can be a really good way to put a stop to, or reduce the behaviour quickly. Sometimes people aren’t aware that their behaviour may have been disruptive to you or your community. If it is safe to do so and you feel comfortable it can be good to have a friendly chat with them to make them aware of what's been happening.

Gather evidence. It can help us to resolve it quicker if we have as much information from you as possible. To help us you can make a note of the date, time and location of:

  • When you have spoken to them
  • All incidents that have happened
  • Any photo, CCTV or video evidence

If other people in your community are affected please ask them to do the same. When you contact us to report anti social behaviour we may ask you to continue gathering evidence to support our investigation.

Report it. If you need to report anti social behaviour we can advise and guide you through reporting the behaviour, working together with you and our partners to stop or reduce it. You can report anti social behaviour to us through the form at the bottom of this page, by phone, in person or send us a private message on social media.

What happens next?

We respect your privacy and confidentiality. We understand that if you’re a victim of anti social behaviour this can be a stressful experience. If you send us a report we won’t disclose your identity if you don’t want us to. Once you've reported anti social behaviour to help you we will:

  • Guide and support you when trying to resolve the issue yourself
  • Support and provide resources to help you gather evidence of any anti social behaviour
  • Get in touch with other support partners such as the local council, police, social services, fire service etc.
  • Keep you in the loop about your report and what's happening

Our aim is to put a stop to the cause of anti social behaviour, not to evict the suspected offender. To do this we will:

  • Talk to them about what is and what isn't okay
  • Provide practical advice on preventing the behaviour
  • Mediation between victims and offenders
  • Work together with other support partners such as the local council, police, social services etc.

In some circumstances the only option may be to evict the person responsible. We'll only do this as a last resort and if the evidence is strong enough. 

Report anti social behaviour

Please use the form below to report any anti-social behaviour you have experienced or witnessed. You can stay anonymous if you prefer, if you do leave your contact details we can update you on the outcome of your report.

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