How we resolve anti social behaviour

We understand that if you’re a victim of anti social behaviour this can be a stressful experience.

We respect your privacy and confidentiality. If you send us a report we won’t disclose your identity if you don’t want us to.

If you report anti social behaviour, we'll:

  • Guide and support you to resolve the issue yourself
  • Support you to gather evidence of any anti social behaviour
  • Work with our partners in the local council, police, social services, fire service etc.
  • Keep you in the loop about your report and what's happening

Our aim is to put a stop to the cause of anti social behaviour, not to evict the suspected offender.

To do this we'll:

  • Talk to them about what is and what isn't okay
  • Provide practical advice on preventing the behaviour
  • Mediation between victims and offenders
  • Work with our partners in the local council, police, social services etc.

In some circumstances the only option may be to evict the person responsible. We'll only do this as a last resort and if the evidence is strong enough.