Reporting breaches of social distancing

If any customers are allowing their home to be used for social gatherings, they’re in breach of the Government’s rules. You should let us know straight away and where necessary we'll take firm action.

You can also contact Kent Police, but please only do this if you feel there is a significant issue or serious breach of the restrictions that needs emergency attention.

Please call 999, if there's:

  • Threat to life (including road traffic incidents where someone is injured or the road is blocked)
  • A situation that could get heated or violent very soon
  • Risk of serious damage to property
  • A serious offence in progress
  • Serious disruption to the public or there could be

We take all reports of anti-social behaviour very seriously. We don’t get involved in petty disputes, but if you’re having an issue with your neighbour and need some advice, please get in touch.

How do I report a breach?

  • if you're a current customer, use our make a complaint service in My Account - choose 'make a complaint' in the menu

  • as anyone else, make your complaint using our online form