How we resolve complaints

Nobody’s perfect, we all make mistakes.

We help thousands of our customers every month and over 80% of our customers are happy with what we do. However, every so often we make customers unhappy.

We know we’re not perfect, that’s why we have a complaints policy. There’s always something we can’t anticipate, but whenever things don’t go as expected for you, we’ll do everything possible to:

  • listen
  • explain
  • put things right - quickly
  • do what we say we’ll do
  • impress our customers with how we deal with their complaint
  • understand how we can do things better next time
  • improve where we need to

The five steps of a complaint

There's five steps that we take to help resolve your complaint and deal with it as effectively and efficiently as we can.

1. Identify

We know that complaints come in all shapes, sizes and ways. First we'll see your contact as one of these:

  • Enquiry this is when you get in touch to tell us something we don’t already know about and we'll work out how we can help you
  • Complaint this is when you're unhappy, you think we haven’t delivered the experience or service that you expect, or think we have done something wrong
  • Negative feedback this is when you're unhappy with our policy or service and want to let us know. We will record all feedback so we can see what our customers like and dislike

2. Investigate

A complaint investigator will work closely with you to acknowledge and make sure they understand your complaint.

This will be done within one working day. We'll keep the you in the loop, let you know exactly what they need to investigate and agree a date we'll do this by.

If the complaint is complicated we'll explain the delay.

3. Resolve

If we’ve made a mistake we’ll offer you:

  • a meaningful apology
  • an explanation
  • money if you've been left out of pocket
  • an idea of what we’ve learnt and what we want to improve

If we need to do something to put things right, we will agree with you what needs to be done and when it will be done by. The complaint investigator will keep an eye on it to make sure it gets done.

4. Review

If you think we haven’t investigated your complaint properly, your complaint investigator will try to answer any questions, and you can ask for the quality of your investigation to be reviewed.

An independent member of staff will talk to you to make sure they understand what you’re unhappy with. They'll explain what they need to do and a date they’ll do it by. They'll check we’ve followed our policy and decide if any further action is needed.

If you still think we haven’t followed our policies, you can refer your complaint to your MP, local councillor or the Housing Ombudsman.

5. Learn

We’ll learn from your complaints and customer feedback. We’ll turn it into useful information for our business, and then share it with each other to make our services better.

When we’ve done something wrong, we’ll do all we can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.