We try to keep the environment in our estates pleasant by employing local caretakers who maintain the area.

Our team of caretakers is mainly responsible for looking after the communal areas of our blocks of flats and estates. They aim to carry out work on a weekly basis including:

  • Clean and tidy bin store rooms 
  • Check and clear rubbish chutes
  • Clean internal communal floors
  • Replace light bulbs and clean diffusers 
  • Reset time clocks for lighting 
  • Sweep external hard surface areas around blocks
  • Litter pick and remove any other debris from landscaped areas 
  • Report repairs to communal areas
  • Report removal of fly tipping
  • Remove graffiti within 24 hours and offensive graffiti within 2 hours of reporting or identification

Monthly service

Window cleaning in all communal areas is carried out on a monthly basis by an external contractor. The caretaker is responsible for cleaning of windows if they become soiled at any other time.

Annual service

We will assist the specialist contractor in the annual steam cleaning and maintenance of the bin store areas and refuse chutes.

Reporting fly tipping and graffiti

Fly tipping and graffiti can be a huge cost to us and if you have any information about who is doing it, please tell us. 

Please see our anti social behaviour page for more information on how to report these incidents to us.

Disposing of bulk rubbish

If you have a large item you want to dispose of, your local council will usually collect it from your house.

Please contact your local council for more information on what items that can collect, and if they charge for the service.

Items shouldn't be disposed of in communal bin stores as we do not offer a bulk refuse collection service. We may need to recharge customers if this happens.