We know that the look and condition of an estate can make a difference to your quality of life.

This is why our grounds maintenance team is committed to providing you with an excellent service. Our team provides the following services in communal areas of our estates:

• Shrub pruning (except those planted by residents)
• Hedge cutting
• Litter picking of landscaped areas
• Weeding and moss clearance of landscaped and hard areas
• Grass cutting (Between summer and autumn only)
• Leaf clearance (autumn only)
• Maintenance of trees (carried out on a three year programme) 
• Maintaining alleyways - clear of side and top growth from adjacent vegetation

Your garden

If you have a garden, it is your responsibility to keep it tidy, free of rubbish and to make sure shrubs and hedges are maintained.

If you want to cut down a tree or hedge, you must get our permission. You must also get our permission to put up a fence, shed, greenhouse or build a pond.

Help with your gardening

If you have difficulty mowing your lawn, we might be able to help. Our assisted services scheme helps vulnerable residents or those aged 65+ by cutting their grass and hedges (twice a year).

Bad weather

If there is bad weather, for example heavy rain, snow or strong winds, sometimes we cannot carry out the grounds maintenance work we have planned. This is because certain weather conditions can make it unsafe or dangerous to do certain types of work.

We will try to complete the outstanding work as soon as possible once the bad weather has passed.