We share responsibility with homeowners for keeping the buildings and the homes up to scratch. As a homeowner, you need to look after some things, and we look after others.

Your lease is the legal agreement between us. And it sets out what we, mhs homes (as the freeholder) and you (the leaseholder) have to do.

What you're responsible for

You're responsible for looking after everything inside your home including:

  • floorboards

  • ceiling boards

  • plaster and tiling (walls and floors)

  • gas, electricity, water and central heating (including internal pipes and cabling)

  • window glass and fittings

  • fixtures and fittings inside the property (that's the kitchen and the bathroom etc)

  • decorating inside the home

You're also responsible for:

  • paying the ground rent, service charges and other charges connected to the building when they're due

  • getting our written permission before carrying out any major building changes (such as putting in a kitchen)

  • not causing a nuisance to your neighbours

  • keeping the parts of the building which you're responsible for in good condition

  • writing to us if you sell or sub-let your home and pay the fee needed

  • giving us your new address if you move out and sub-let

  • reporting any damage to the building to us

  • arranging a boiler gas safety check each year

  • giving us the gas safety certificate each year

  • buying home contents insurance to protect things in your home

What we (mhs homes) are responsible for

  • arranging an insurance policy for the building

  • consulting you about any work that's needed to the building where your share costs more than £250

  • consulting you about any contract we arrange that will last for more than 12 months and cost you more than £100 a year

  • giving you a copy of the audited service charge accounts at the end of the financial year

  • keeping the outside of the building, the shared parts of the building and the building structure in a good condition

For more information about your rights and responsibilities, please have a look at your lease or the frequently asked questions below.

Homeowner administration fees

We charge administration fees for some of the most common services to homeowners. There may be additional charges that you’ll need to pay to other providers.

Request type

What this includes

Solicitors enquiry or requests for a pre-sale pack


Providing information about service charges and ground rent.

Copy of buildings insurance and other building related documents.

Information about any Section 20 consultation.

Notice of transfer / assignment


We’ll set up a new account for the assignee and send a welcome pack to the new owner.

Deed of variation / rectification


Get a copy of the lease and send the draft Deed of Variation to Lessee’s solicitors and inform them of our fee for preparing the Deed.

Confirm agreement to the variation, and receive back copies signed by the Lessee.

Sign and date the Deed and send to the Lessee’s solicitors to register at the Land Registry.



We’ll update our records with the new sub-tenant details.

Notice of transfer / assignment


We’ll set up a new account for the assignee and send a welcome pack to the new owner.

Shared Ownership - Staircasing


Once we receive your application to staircase, we’ll arrange a valuation of the property and let you know the outcome.

The fee includes: preparing the instructions to proceed, calculating equity share premium and new rent, drafting a Memorandum of Staircasing and arranging for signatures by both parties.

On completion of outright sale, we’ll arrange for the transfer of the property to be registered at the Land Registry.

You’ll also need to pay solicitor and agent’s fees.

Service Charge Administration and Management Fees

£50 Standard fee + 10% of costs

£50 standard administration charge (Fixed Rate Administration Charge). This covers the cost of the yearly administration and distribution of service charge estimates and statements.

The additional 10% of costs (Variable Management Fee based on the level of activity / costs) is payable by the individual leaseholder as a management fee.

This covers the cost of contracts management and the administration of Section 20 notices.

If you have any questions about what you need to pay, please contact us.

Frequently asked questions


You can contact us for a refund or you can leave it and reduce the money you need to pay next year (this will happen automatically anyway if you pay by direct debit).


If there's damage to the structure of your home you need to contact JLT Group by emailing JLTHousing@broadspiretpa.co.uk or calling 0345 266 966.

If you're a leaseholder you need to make the claim within seven days of the incident occurring. You're responsible for paying the excess too.

Contact us or use live chat if you need any help from us.

  • In your lease it says you must - at least once a year - have the gas supply and any your gas appliances (the boiler, gas cooker, gas fire etc) checked by an engineer registered with Gas Safe
  • You must then give us a copy of the gas safety certificate they give to you
  • If you're subletting, as a landlord, you'll also need to do this to make sure you don't break the law
  • For more information, have a look at the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website
  • If you're ever worried about a gas leak, phone the National Grid Gas Emergency free phone number on 0800 111 999 straight away.

Yes. But you must get permission from us first and all windows must be up to our set standards.


If you find damage to the shared areas of the building please let us know ASAP. The easiest way to do it is by filling in the online form on the repairs page or by using live chat.

  • If the leak is coming from the flat above, phone the people who live there or knock on their door ASAP. Contact us or use live chat if you can't get hold of them. We might have another number for them
  • If the leak is from your flat and has caused damage to the flat below, please contact the person who lives there ASAP. You may need to make a claim on your contents insurance.
  • If there is any damage to the structure of your flat you should claim from our building insurers Arthur J. Gallagher (formerly Farr Insurance Brokers)
  • You can do small jobs, such as redecorate or put up shelves, without contacting us
  • But, if you want to do any major work, such as put in a new bathroom or kitchen, you must get our permission before you start
  • The work will need to be carried out by a builder with good knowledge, experience and a good reputation
  • It may need to reach set standards or building regulations. This could mean you need the right plans and paperwork as evidence of what you've done
  • Contact us or get in touch through live chat if you need any more advice
  • Residents are expected to keep the halls, corridors and landings immediately outside their own home clean and tidy
  • A caretaker and our gardening team will look after the outdoor areas
  • If you and all the other leaseholders want to get together and take over the cleaning of the shared areas and the gardening on a small building or estates, we'll look at the request
  • Normally, if we think the standards will be kept up, we'll agree to the plan
  • But, if the standards don't stay high, we'll have reintroduce the contractors

Yes, you can. But you'll be responsible for them and you must make sure they keep to the conditions in your lease.

You should check with your income tax office because you may be able to claim some tax benefits on the rent you get paid by your lodger.


Yes, but you must tell us if you want to sub-let.

  • You'll need to give us your full contact details (including your new address), a copy of the tenancy agreement, contact details for your tenant or the details of any managing agent
  • You must make sure your tenant does not break the conditions of your lease
  • If you have a mortgage, you should contact your lender and get their permission
  • You will need to pay us a fee to sub-let your property
  • You can find more information on the fees on the leaseholder section of our publications page

You can keep some kinds of pets but you'll need our written permission first. Please see our pets page for more information.


Before contacting us, try to sort out niggles or small problems with your neighbour by talking to them carefully and politely

Sometimes people don't realise what's going on or how it affects other people.

If it's more serious or if talking to your neighbour hasn't helped, have a look at our page on reporting anti social behaviour (ASB) it will show you how we can help you.


There could be times when we need to get into your home. But they will be rare, and - unless it's an emergency - we'll give you quite a bit of notice so that you can do it when it suits you.

We might need to get in so we can survey the building or to fix a serious problem.


You can get a replacement key fob from our Broadside office in Chatham Maritime for a small charge.


You must get our permission before you arrange anything as most leases restrict the fitting of satellite dishes. Contact us or use live chat to find out more.

  • You can find out if and where parking is provided by us for the block on you lease plan
  • It's the yellow area with black lines
  • You can park your car or motorbike there as long as it's roadworthy, taxed and insured
  • These areas can't be used to park lorries, vans, caravans, boats or trailers
  • You can't do major repairs to your vehicle here either
  • And you can't park here when you're loading up to dump rubbish
  • You're not allowed to park on any grassed area
  • If you've any questions about parking at your home, get in touch or use live chat.

Yes, we own lots of garages in Medway, some of which are ready to rent now.

You can find out more on our garages page.