How we keep your home up to scratch

We plan in home improvements to make sure that your home (and our buildings) stay in a good condition and are nice places to live.

Each home will have it's own general plan. But we won't always know, a long time in advance, exactly when improvement work will take place (and sometimes plans change). But we will normally tell you quite a long time before any work is done.

We'll try and do it with as little fuss and upset for you and your normal life. But with major changes, the truth is, there is always some disruption.

The home improvement work we do

Home improvements cover things such as: painting the front of the house, changing the kitchen (normally about every 25 years), putting in new bathrooms and redoing the electrics throughout the whole house.

Other things we do include:

• Outdoor wall repairs
• Putting in new windows and outside doors
• Replacing the roof 
• Changing the boiler
• Work that makes your home better for the environment

Making your own changes to your home

The important things you need to know

  • If you'd like to make your own improvements to your home, you'll need to write to us to get permission
  • Please do this before you start anything
  • We may need to test the area for asbestos before you start work.  Asbestos is not usually dangerous if it's in good condition and not disturbed. But it can be extremely dangerous if it's worked on by someone who's not qualified
  • Trial and starter tenants don't have the right to make improvements