Tenants can swap homes with other tenants if the tenants and landlords agree. This is called mutual exchange.

You can swap with:

  • Another mhs homes social rent customer

  • A tenant from another housing association or a local council tenant

It doesn't matter why you want to move, if you’ve got a protected or assured tenancy then you can try and swap your home.

Getting permission

mhs might say no to the exchange if:

  • You’ve been served with a notice for rent debt, anti-social behaviour or breaking another tenancy condition

  • The home is too big or too small for the needs of the family moving in 

  • Changes have been done especially to help disabled people live in the home and the new tenant doesn't need them

How to exchange your home with someone else

Both of you need to agree to swap your homes and get permission from the landlords.

1. Find someone else to exchange with

You can use our free mutual exchange Facebook group to advertise and find new places to live.

You can also use Exchange Locata. It's free and it has homes from all across the UK.

2. Apply for a mutual exchange

To start the mutual exchange process you'll need to fill in our mutual exchange application form.

Apply here > 

Tips when looking to swap your home

  • Visit the home first and make sure it's suitable

  • Be aware that you will take on the terms and conditions of the tenancy of the person you're swapping with; so find out if any of your protected rights are affected first

  • You also take on the property in its current condition, perhaps with the pealing paint and broken kitchen doors

  • We won't decorate during the swap, although we will do any work we're responsible for

  • We'll have to do some checks in your home before you swap to make sure it's safe (electrics, asbestos etc)