To transfer to another mhs home, you need to apply through Kent Homechoice.

You'll need to:

  • have lived in your home for more than a year

  • be on a protected or assured tenancy

You can only transfer if:

  • you have a particular need (such as you're overcrowded or someone who lives with you has a medical problem)

  • you don't owe us any rent

  • your home is in good condition

  • you haven't been responsible for any anti-social behaviour

  • you haven't broken your tenancy agreement


How to apply for a transfer

  1. go to Kent Homechoice, or download the mobile app - for iPhone or Android

  2. register, log in and download the latest property list for the area you want to move

  3. follow the instructions to place a bid


What happens next

After you've applied we'll see if you can move and take a look at your home.

Your local council will give your application a banding, which will show how much priority you'll get.

Homes will be advertised daily for at least five days. For the best chance of finding a home you like, you should check Kent Homechoice daily.

You can bid for up to three homes at a time.