How to report a repair

You can report a repair online or by phone.

If you have an emergency outside of these hours please call: 01634 565333


Who does what in your home:

  • If you’re one of our social rent customers, we share the repairs on your home. You do some and we do others. Find out which ones you have to do here
  • If you’re a shared owner or a leaseholder, you’re responsible for the repairs inside your home
  • If you’re a private or market rent customer, we’ll do most repairs


Gas and central heating repairs

If you can smell gas, call the National Gas Emergency Service number straight away on 0800 111 999.

We use Liberty Gas for gas and central heating repairs. Call them on 0330 3338 397 if you have a problem. 


What’s a non–emergency repair?

If your repair isn’t an emergency, it'll get booked into the next appointment slot that's free. This could be three to six weeks away.

These kind of things are non-emergency repairs:

  • General roof repairs, faulty taps, blocked and leaking gutters and rainwater pipes
  • Routine carpentry repairs
  • Broken plaster and plasterboard
  • Floor tiles in wet floor areas
  • Routine electrical work


What’s an emergency repair?

If your repair is an emergency we'll be there as soon as possible, within 24 hours.

These kind of things are emergency repairs:

  • Situations where people are in danger or parts of the building could fall down
  • Major bursts and leaks where flooding is likely
  • Damaged glass which means people or things inside the building aren't secure anymore, or if you have a crime reference number
  • A blocked toilet (where there's only one in the home)
  • Where the electricity has failed in the whole house or where the electric is dangerous
  • Blocked drains


What will happen when you contact us?

  • We’ll tell you if we need you to do anything to fix it or we’ll book the repair in
  • We’ll always give you the soonest next free appointment, as long as it suits you too
  • Don’t let repairs build up – we’d much rather you told us as soon as you need a repair done.