How to solve common problems

Many common problems in the home can be solved in a few simple steps. 

Please look at the most common problems below to see if the problem can be easily fixed.  If you follow the steps below and the problem is not sovled, please report the repair to us.

Common problems


Switch off the gas supply immediately - the valve is usually in the hallway cupboard.  Open all doors and windows and leave the property.  Use a neighbour's phone to call the nationwide gas leak number on 0800 111999, then report the problem to us.  Do not re-enter the property until you have been told that it is safe to do so.


Turn off the water using the stopcock.  Find out where the leak is coming from and use a bucket to catch the water. Report it to us as soon as possible and make sure you do not use any electrical appliances that could be wet.


If you have no heating or hot water, check that the boiler programmer is set correctly, that the boiler is turned on and that there are no error codes displaying.  Make sure that the fuse has not broken and check the manufacturers manual for further tips. 


All household electrical appliances (including washing machines, fridges and kettles) are the customer's responsibility to replace, or repair.

If you've lost power, you will need to test all your electrics.

  1. Turn off and unplug everything that's plugged in to the mains – including the fridge/freezer. This will only take a few minutes so any items are unlikely to spoil.
  2. Go to the fuse board and reset all the switches.
  3. One by one, plug everything back in and check if this causes any of the switches on the fuse box to trip.
  4. If a switch does trip, you've found the problem.

Open the doors and windows, turn off any gas appliances and leave the property.  Contact us, and do not re-enter your home until we tell you that it is safe to do so.


If you have a blockage, try using a plunger, removing the blockage by hand or use drain unblocker.  To prevent blockages, do not pour fats, oil or grease down kitchen sinks and regularly remove hair from bath plugs.