This information is for our social rent customers. If you're a leaseholder you need this different set of responsibilities.

As a social rent customer, in general, you need to look after:

  • Most things inside the house, including anything you add or bring into your home. This covers things that work on electricity
  • Decorating indoors
  • The garden areas that aren't shared

Your responsibilities

You're responsible for:


  • Flooring (except in bathrooms and kitchens)


  • Your own sheds and greenhouses
  • Trees and gardens
  • Clothes line (unless it's shared with other people in the area or block)
  • The gardens, including patios but not access pathways


  • Replacing lost keys and getting into your home if you're locked out (unless you're considered vulnerable. Ask us if you're not sure about this)
  • Things on outside doors e.g. handles, letter boxes and number plates
  • Inside doors (unless in an emergency situation)
  • Draught excluders to doors (though we will repair the door seals)


  • Replacing smashed glass (unless you've got a crime reference number).
  • Window keys and child/window safety restrictors


  • Fitting light bulbs (unless they're in shared areas)
  • Fitting smoke alarms (unless they're hard wired into the electrics)
  • TV aerials and satellite dishes (except for communal aerials)
  • Door bells (unless hard wired or communal access)
  • Cookers (unless you're in a private rent home or your home's in a supported living centre)
  • White goods, such as fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines etc (unless you're living in a private rent home or a supported living centre)


  • Decorating inside your home
  • Repairing a crack in plaster or walls that are less than 3mm wide
  • All fixtures and fittings (that's things like light switches, lamp shades, curtain poles etc) (unless we provided them in the first place)
  • Pest control (that's getting rid of wasp nests, rats or mice etc) unless they are in shared areas
  • Chimney sweeping (unless a central heating heater is installed in the fireplace)


  • Replacing plugs and chains in baths and sinks
  • Replacing toilet seats - watch this video we've made for help 
  • Unblocking of sinks/toilets/baths

Our responsibilities

We are responsible for looking after:

  • The structure and outside of the building
  • The heating system
  • Hot water and toilet facilities

Do you need help with caring for your home?

If you're on a low income or you're elderly or disabled, it's possible you could get help with odd jobs, redecorating and keeping the garden tidy. Get in touch if you'd like to know more


  • We might change this list of responsibilities if we need to
  • We'll try and give you notice if we do
  • If we do a repair which is not our responsibility, we could charge you for the cost of doing it