If you don't have the money to pay, the best thing is to contact us now. If we know what's happening. We might be able to help.

Paying your rent on time is what you agreed to do when you moved in. And paying on time means paying up front.

We know sometimes life throws nasty things at us and finances can get a little off balance. But your rent is a priority. It has to be paid every week. It's too important not to.

People who don't pay their rent or owe service charges can get evicted. We don't want it to happen you. You need to contact us now to stop it getting worse. You can also use live chat to speak to us.

What shall I do if I haven't got the money to pay the rent?

Please tell us if you can’t pay all your rent. We know lots of people, for whatever reason, don’t like talking about money worries. But it's the best way to sort it out, which is why we’re happy to talk at any time.

We’ll give you the support you need to take control of your money.

You could be due some benefits or you might be able to rework your debts to make them easier to pay or we might be able to help you find better paid work.

We want to help, not make you feel bad.

I’m behind with my rent or service charge - what happens next?

Click on the plus signs to find out what happens if you owe us rent or service charges.

This is what happens - in stages - if you don't pay your rent

  • We’ll phone, and write to you, to let you know how much you owe
  • We’ll then ask you to meet one of our team to talk it through
  • If your debt goes up after that, or if you don't stick to an agreement we make, we will start the legal process to take back your home.

We really don’t want to do that, we just want you to pay the rent you owe, which is why we'll always try to work with you. 


We will send you a legal notice telling you we've started the process to evict you.


If you don’t pay and your debt keeps going up, we'll ask the court for a 'possession hearing' (so a judge can decide).


Normally, the court will tell you to pay (a court order) they might let you pay in smaller amounts. If you don’t pay what they ask, the court order is broken and you’ll have very little time to catch up before we ask for the home back (this is called a warrant for possession).


You’ll have to go to court and tell the judge why you’re not paying. He or she will decide if you have to leave your home. If you do have to leave, you’ll have made yourself homeless because you didn’t pay. You can stop this happening. The bottom line is pay your rent up front and work with us if you can’t.