We're a group of residents who work to improve mhs homes' services. We meet up regularly for meetings, workshops and reviews. We do independent checks on the standards of service, through feedback, scrutiny and partnership working. We help mhs change the things that need changing and challenge them to do better.

Customer scrutiny is a way of giving you more influence and the ability to hold mhs homes to account. It’s your chance to have power over business decisions, governance and performance. 

It gives you an active stake in how the business is run, so that you become more than just a recipient of mhs homes' services. It allows you to work in partnership with us, to achieve better performance and outcomes. If you'd like to know more about how the business is run please contact us.

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What's it like being a member?

We look at mhs homes' services and how they can improve. We've carried out reviews on mhs's grass cutting services, the foyers, empty homes management, services to leaseholders and more. There are a lot of outcomes from our reviews, with the most recent review of the foyers resulting in a refurbishment programme to provide better facilities for customers.

We're a friendly bunch who want to help make mhs homes the best it can be. You're welcome to come along to one of our meetings to see what you think.

What you'll learn

You'll get training, support and experience that'll help your personal career development and skills. You'll:

  • Develop new skills and build your confidence
  • Increase your awareness and understanding of the housing sector
  • Influence service delivery and continuous improvement
  • Gain useful experience for the workplace
  • Meet new people
  • Make a difference

The only criteria is that you've got to be one of our customers and passionate about wanting to make a difference.

Read our Annual Impact Assessment Report

June Patey, Chair of the Customer Scrutiny Panel has written an annual review of the Scrutiny Panel's activities and achievements in 2022. It includes:

  • Membership of the Panel
  • Scrutiny reviews completed
  • Key highlights
  • Annual work plans

Read the Customer Scrutiny Panel Annual Impact Assessment Report 2022.

Customer Scrutiny Panel reviews