You said, we did

Customer feedback is crucial to helping us develop and, if necessary, change so that we can offer the best possible service. You said, we did is our way of communicating the customer feedback we have had, how we have acted on it and what we have implemented to improve our service for our customers.

We're committed to delivering on Customer Engagement and as such, The Customer Experience Group (CEG) was created in June 2021 to make sure we’re understanding our customers’ needs and keeping them at the heart of all we do. Since then, our CEG members have helped us define our service standards and procure new contracts with utility suppliers.

We also have a well-established and independent Customer Scrutiny Panel (CSP) who are a group of residents that conduct in-depth reviews on how we deliver services to our customers. The Panel is a formal part of our governance at mhs homes, and their customer insights and recommendations help us make vital improvements. Some of our actions are based on recommendations from their reviews in 2021-2022 and they're listed below.

Click below to see a list of actions we've taken:

  • During 2023-2024
  • During 2021-2022
  • During 2020-2021
  • General actions to improve services

If you'd like to be part of our ongoing customer engagement, take a look at the full list of ways you can get involved.