Use this form to end a tenancy on behalf of someone else.

When a tenant has died

To end the tenancy you must provide a copy of the death certificate and be one of the below:

  • Registered as next of kin
  • The person registering the death
  • An executor of the will

When the tenant isn't capable of ending the tenancy themselves

You must provide proof that you have power of attorney.


Tenant details

Your details

Legal authority for ending the tenancy

Your answer to this question will prompt the type of proof you legally must supply.

Garages, sheds, cupboards and parking spaces


I understand that:

  1. The property must be left empty of all furniture, flooring and personal belongings and be in a good clean condition.
  2. If belongings are left in the property, they will be removed by mhs homes and the cost of the work charged to me or my estate.
  3. Any damage not due to fair wear and tear will be repaired and charged to me or my estate (whichever is applicable).
  4. I will tell the gas and electricity providers, inform council tax and benefits, and redirect my mail.

Data protection

For further information regarding how mhs homes will store, hold and share the information you are providing today please visit our privacy notice.