Before you can move out you need to take everything that's yours 

Remove everything that belongs to you (all the furniture, bedding, pictures, clothes, toys, bikes etc.).

Please check cupboards, drawers and the loft (if you have access).

Remove all flooring, shelves and cabinets and fill any holes.

If your carpets are in perfect condition and you want to leave them behind, please ask us first.

Remove your white goods (washing machine, fridge/freezer etc) and your appliances. You might need the help of a professional.

Make sure the inside of the home is in a good condition

Fill small cracks less than 3mm wide.

Make sure your paint or wall paper is up to a good standard: wallpaper should be intact and woodwork should be in a good condition.

Make sure repairs that are your responsibility are done.

Make sure everything is clean

Clean right through the house.

Clean all sills, ledges, skirting boards and doors, woodwork and shelves in all areas including fitted cupboards and wardrobes, tiled areas, painted walls, kitchen units, worktops, sinks, basins, toilets, baths, showers and floors.

Make sure there's no rubbish and the garden is tidy

Take all rubbish out of the house and to the tip, recycling centre or shared bins areas (but don't overload the bins).

Clear all rubbish from the garden and please make sure the grass has been cut, and the hedges, shrubs and trees are pruned.

Anything else?

Make sure you've paid your rent.

Report repairs from wear and tear through My Account.

Don't forget to tell the gas and electric company you're moving and make a note of the meter readings.

Let us know immediately if you've made any major changes to your home where you didn’t get permission from us at first.

Your home will be inspected after you've returned your keys.