Ending your garage tenancy

Please complete the form below to end your garage tenancy.

You must give seven days notice and return your keys by the tenancy end date to our office.

When we receive your keys we'll carry out an inspection of the garage to make sure you have left it empty and clean. Any items left will be disposed of and you will be charged.

Refunding your deposit

If you pay by Direct Debit, your deposit will be refunded electronically within 10 working days.

All other payment methods require a cheque payment from mhs homes, which will be processed within a minimum of 10 working days.


Your details


I understand that:

  1. My tenancy will not be terminated until mhs homes are in possession of the keys at their office, Broadside, Leviathan Way, Chatham, Kent ME4 4LL
  2. The garage must be left completely empty of all vehicles and belongings. The garage must be in a good clean condition.
  3. If possessions are left in the garage they will be cleared by mhs homes and costs of this work will either be deducted from the deposit, or recharged to me or to my estate.
  4. Any damage not due to fair wear and tear will be repaired and charged to the outgoing tenant or to my estate (whichever is applicable).
  5. Any rent arrears left on my account after termination will be deducted from any deposit paid. if the arrears are greater than the deposit then mhs homes will look to recover any money that is owed.