Lettings Policy

This is a summary of our policy which shows how we let our affordable and social rent properties and to whom.

Download Lettings Policy (PDF). Please let us know if you require this document in an alternative format.


We provide high quality affordable homes which meet the local housing need. Our offer includes a mix of social and affordable rent, private rent, and supported living for young people and those aged 60 and over.

We allocate our homes fairly and are transparent in our decision making. We work with local partners to build sustainable communities and vibrant neighbourhoods.

How we let properties

  1. We let all our affordable and social properties through Kent Homechoice. Anyone who wants to live in one of these homes must apply and bid through Kent Homechoice. We don’t hold our own housing list.
  2. We’ll shortlist applicants in order of their priority banding. This is determined by each local authority.
  3. In exceptional circumstances we’ll consider direct nominations from the local authority and organisations who support those who are more vulnerable such as victims of domestic abuse and those who are homeless.
  4. We let our private rent properties through a local estate agent. There's a separate policy for how we rent these properties.


As a responsible landlord we want to make sure our potential customers can afford the rent and are able to manage their tenancy.

We reserve the right to reject applicants who:

  • owe their current or previous landlord more than £500, unless there is a payment arrangement in place and it’s been maintained for over six months.
  • will struggle to pay the rent, and by taking on a tenancy they would struggle financially
  • have a history of anti-social behaviour, including domestic abuse and violence
  • have unmet support needs
  • have a legal interest in a property or tenancy elsewhere
  • provides false or misleading information in their application
  • doesn’t have valid immigration status or recourse to public funds.

We consider all cases individually and regularly review our decisions to make sure our decision making is fair and we don’t discriminate.

Housing for Older People

We manage homes that are purpose built for older people, we call this supported living.

  • To be eligible for supported living applicants must be 60 and over.
  • Applicants will be invited to undertake a needs and risks assessment to check their support needs.
  • Applicants who require a greater level of support will be declined. This decision can be appealed.

General needs bungalows (not included in supported living) are reserved for the over 55’s or for applicants with medical needs.


We don’t offer internal transfers. Existing customers looking to move must apply and bid through Kent Homechoice.

To be approved for a transfer through Kent Homechoice, tenants must have:

  • lived in their current home for more than 12 months and have an assured/protected tenancy
  • no rent arrears or outstanding debts
  • kept the home in good condition
  • had no tenancy breaches in the last 12 months

Property Sizes

We’ll allocate properties to make sure they’re neither under, nor over occupied at the time we let them. Here’s the guidance:

  • Adults sharing accommodation full time but not living as a couple should have separate bedrooms
  • Children of the same sex can share a bedroom until the age of 18
  • Children of the opposite sex may share a bedroom until the age of 10
  • No more than 2 children can share a bedroom regardless of age or sex

Applicants with a disability

We’ll try to make sure the property meets their needs and where we can we’ll always try to allocate our adapted properties to applicants who need them most.

We work with local authority occupational therapists to consider adaptations to our homes where we can.

Supported living - Young People

We have two Foyers that provide a safe place for young people aged 16-25 to live. 

  1. Springboard Foyer - residents are referred from children’s services at Medway Council
  2. Endeavour Foyer - residents are prioritised from applicants through Kent Homechoice

Equality Statement

We want to make sure that no person receives less favourable treatment from us on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage, civil partnership, pregnancy, religion or belief, race, sex or sexual orientation.