Report water leaks

It's important you let us know about water leaks as it's our responsibility to fix them.

You'll need to report these as a repair:

  • Damaged seals around baths and showers
  • Leaking high level gutters, overflow pipes and rain water pipes.
  • Leaking pipework
  • Leaks coming from roof - missing slates or tiles can be seen from ground level
  • Blocked gutters - water spilling over on a regular basis or splattering against the walls
  • Downpipes – holes in the back/water escaping
  • Penetration around window frames
  • Cracks to external walls
  • Blocked vents, extractor fans
  • Rising damp due to either defective or no damp-course

The best way to report a water leak is in to My Account. Simply log in and choose 'book a repair' in the menu. Please upload a photo so we can see the problem.