Damp is when there’s excess moisture in the air. It’s common in places that never fully dry out or where there’s little air movement like behind furniture. 

Mould is a fungus which grows in damp areas. It’s common in kitchens, bathrooms, around windows and doors and behind furniture. 

Condensation is the main cause of damp and mould. It can be easily treated by a few simple changes like opening windows, keeping your home warm, and not putting furniture right up against walls.  

You can see some of the most common places for damp and mould below. 

1. Corners of the walls, floors and ceilings  2. Around the edges of ceilings and floors  3. Along the top of windows  4. Behind a bed  5,6,7. On the sides and back of wardrobes and other furniture, especially when they’re next to an external wall  8. On curtains and blinds