How shared ownership works (and what are the costs)

You find a home and buy a share from 25%.

Usually, you'll pay a mortgage on the part you own and pay us rent on the rest.

You can buy more shares (called ‘staircasing’) until you own 100% of your home.

Here's an example:

Total property value £150,000

You buy 40% (value £60,000)

We own 60% (value £90,000)

Your annual rent: £90,000 x 2.75% = £2,475 per year

Your monthly rent: £2,475 / 12 months = £206.25 per month

Administration fees

We charge homeowner administration fees for certain work you ask us to do. 

Other monthly costs

Apart from the mortgage you might also have service charges to pay (especially if it’s a flat).

You're responsible for any repairs. Even though you don’t own the property completely, you still have to look after it as if you owned it all.