How we deal with anti social behaviour

We understand that if you’re a victim of anti social behaviour this can be a stressful experience. We take all reports seriously and look to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. 

We respect your privacy and confidentiality. If you report anti social behaviour, we won’t disclose your identity if you don’t want us to. If you do give us your contact details then we can keep you up to date on your report - we won't be able to share any confidential information with you.

Depending on the nature of the anti-social behaviour, we will:

  • Talk to your neighbours and offer them support
  • Offer mediation
  • Issue warning letters
  • Work with other agencies where appropriate

Where we are unable to resolve the issue, we will consider legal action. This could include:

  • Applying to court for an injunction to stop the nuisance behaviour
  • Taking action to evict the offender

To take legal action we need enough evidence to satisfy the court that the action we're taking is ‘reasonable and proportionate’. To do this we'll need you to provide evidence by:

  • Completing diary sheets
  • We'll ask you and other witnesses for statements
  • We may ask you to attend court

In some circumstances the only option may be to evict the person/s responsible. We'll only do this as a last resort and if the evidence is strong enough.