Before you move in to one of our homes we’re committed to making sure that it’s clean, safe, secure, and meets current health and safety legislation.

Before we rent any of our homes, we’ll carry out an inspection to identify any essential repairs - these will be completed before you move in. Any non-essential repairs and refits can be done once you’ve moved in.

Our Lettings Standard lets you know what to expect when you move into your home:


  • All external doors will be secure and weather tight
  • All external doors will have new locks fitted and you’ll get a set of keys for each door. We don’t have copies of these keys so if you lose them you’ll need to replace the key or lock
  • Internal doors will be in good repair with latches and handles working properly
  • If your door has glass it’ll meet glass safety standards or be a ply faced flush door

Windows and glazing

  • All windows will be secure, and open and close easily
  • Window locks will have keys or a push button lock
  • Child restrictors will be fitted where appropriate
  • Low level or internal glass will be safety glass

Floors and stairs

  • Floor coverings are provided for bathrooms, kitchens and internal toilets
  • Floors will be ready for you to lay floor coverings
  • All handrails and banisters are present and securely fixed


  • A full electrical inspection (NICEIC) and test will be completed. You’ll be a given a copy of the certificate when you sign your tenancy agreement

Smoke alarms

  • All homes will be fitted with mains wired smoke alarms. We recommend checking your smoke alarm once a week
  • You may have a heat detector where necessary


  • Gas appliances are checked by a Gas Safe engineer. You’ll be given a copy of the certificate when you sign your tenancy agreement
  • You’ll need to arrange for our gas contractor to turn on and test your gas supply and boiler when you move in

Energy Performance

  • An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will be provided for your home, this lets you know how energy efficient your home is on a scale of A-G. An A rating is most efficient, and a ‘G’ rating is least efficient
  • Your home won’t have an EPC rating below E

Property clearance and cleaning

  • Your home will be clear of furniture and rubbish
  • Floors and surfaces will have been cleaned

Outside your home

  • Drains, gutters and external pipes will have been checked
  • Gardens and outside areas will be clear of rubbish
  • Communal TV aerials will be maintained
  • Pathways to your home will be cleared
  • Any fences and walls that are our responsibility will be in a safe condition

Ceilings and walls

  • Ceilings, internal walls, and partitions will be in good order
  • Loose plaster will have been repaired
  • Large cracks in walls and ceilings will be filled and ready to be decorated; cracks less than 3mm wide should be filled by you
  • Fresh plaster will be sealed and ready for you to paint
  • Polystyrene ceiling tiles will have been removed and the ceiling repaired
  • Walls, ceilings and tiles will be clear of mould
  • Nails and wall plugs will have been removed, holes filled and sanded to a smooth finish ready to paint


  • Internal decoration is your responsibility
  • We sometimes issue decoration packs to assist in decorating your home
  • Stains will have been covered and painted


  • Kitchens will include a sink, and spaces are included for a cooker, washing machine and fridge. Restrictions apply in some studio flats
  • All drawers and kitchen units will be in good working order
  • Taps and pipe work will be free from leaks, and in good working order
  • You’ll have either a gas or electric cooker point. It’s your responsibility to have your cooker installed by a qualified engineer

Bathroom and toilet

  • Your home will have either a bath or shower, as well as a toilet and a sink
  • All basins, toilets, taps and pipes will be free from leaks and in good working order
  • Seals around the bath and sink will be in good condition and watertight


  • You’re responsible for taking gas, electric, and water meter readings when you move in, also choosing and contacting a supplier to register as a customer
  • Make a note of your meter readings as you’ll need to give them to your chosen supplier when you register as a customer
  • If your home has a pre-pay meter you’re responsible for loading money onto it

We want you to be happy in your new home

We’ll make every effort to make sure these standards are met and you’re happy with the condition of your new home. If you feel we’ve not met these standards, or there’s something you think we’ve missed, please let us know.